Training Division



NACE INTERNATIONAL annually pays its recognition to professionals and companies that have excelled in the scenario of materials engineering and corrosion. During CORROSION 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA the SURPLUS honored receive the "Making the Difference" award for its pioneering and efforts to value the study of corrosion in Brazil.

The honor was received by Dr. Leonardo Uller, CEO of SURPLUS, directly from the hands of Samir Degan and Pam Nicoletti, Past-President and Director of Education of NACE, respectively.

With more than 40 years of expertise in the area, Leonardo Uller has always sought to be ahead of his time, and one of his main concerns is the appreciation of the study of corrosion and the qualification of professionals. Precisely in this area Uller printed two of his main pioneering brands: The creation, under his coordination in 1989, as President of ABRACO, of the Industrial Painting Inspector Course (now SNQC) and in 2008, as Director of NACE, brought to Brazil the certification courses of CIP Coating Inspectors - NACE INTERNATIONAL .

Since 2005 SURPLUS has been working with the materials and corrosion consultancy, and Industrial Painting is one of its strongest activities IN TRAINING.

In 2008 SURPLUS brought
to Brazil the certification courses of Coating Inspectors (CIP Corrosion Inspector Program, levels 1 and 2), NACE INTERNATIONAL. In the period between 2008 and 2016, 34 classes (27 level 1 and 7 level 2) were held, forming more than 600 inspectors.

We also had the opportunity to introduce in Brazil the SWEET & SOUR seminars on the corrosiveness of H2S and CO2 in the aggressive atmospheres of oil extracted at great depths as in the case of PRE SAL


The training of teams is an indispensable item.
We can create a Training Plan for Industrial Painting teams to qualify homogeneously in the company, while encouraging participation in the planning and development of the work and rewarding the best performing teams.

Regular courses and lectures provided by SURPLUS, and invited speakers will be periodically offered, in order to keep the technical level of the teams that will be part of the proposed Surplus Programs. Most of the courses and events will be offered regularly through webinars with registration and some with knowledge measurement.